Love isn't romance, it's survival.

NEW YORK TIMES - "The humor is dry and the acting deadpan in “Women Who Kill,” a comedy that plays it droll and is all the funnier for it."

LA TIMES - "Women Who Kill' is a fresh twist on indie comedy, romance and serial killers."

ARTFORUM - "Women Who Kill combines romantic comedy and murder mystery, and a dollop of psychodrama, and lightly stirs it into a summer movie treat."

NEWNOWNEXT - "Akin to Woody Allen’s Manhattan Murder Mystery in its noir aesthetic, witty quips, and use of suspense over gratuitous sex and violence."

VARIETY - Filmrise acquires WW digital rights; Film Collaborative to release theatrically. 

Writer/Director Ingrid Jungermann nominated for an INDEPENDENT SPIRIT AWARD.

NEW YORK TIMES - "My favorite of the American films, Ingrid Jungermann’s 'Women Who Kill,' is a comedy so low-key and diffident, not to mention morbid, that it can take several beats to catch on to the jokes." -Mike Hale

VARIETY - "A shaggy, banter-driven quasi-thriller in the mode of MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY (or THE THIN MAN movies, for that matter), WOMEN WHO KILL offers a drolly amusing, lightly macabre variation on the standard lesbian romantic comedy." - Dennis Harvey

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER - "Murderously smart and funny. Jungermann maintains a suitably dark undercurrent with an impressively light touch." -Sheri Linden

INDIEWIRE - Ingrid Jungermann's Debut is the Best Lesbian Horror-Comedy Ever. "Ingrid Jungermann's whip-smart satire offers a wry snapshot of self-involved New York lesbians that's both enjoyably smarmy and unsettling in equal doses." -Eric Kohn

TIME MAGAZINE - The Best Movies at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. "A caustically funny and anxiety-inducing feature debut." -Eliza Berman

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - 6 movies that wowed at the annual downtown NYC fest. "For her wry first feature, she’s poured all her mirth and deadpan into a light-footed lesbian noir... her voice is both generous and spiked with just enough misanthropy about dating to make the jokes sting." -Joe McGovern

NEW YORK MAGAZINE | THE CUT - "A wicked little horror-comedy about podcasting, female serial killers, and Park Slope food co-ops." -Anna Silman

HUFFINGTON POST"Funny, wry, heartfelt, dark." -Jillian Capewell

STAR-NEWS - "Jungermann has a gift for dialogue and her characters’ conversations — hilarious, without any real gags — will remind some viewers of Alison Bechtel." -Ben Steelman

NEW YORK MAGAZINE | THE CUT - How a Film About Female Serial Killers, Podcasting, and Lesbian Bachelorette Parties Became an Indie Favorite.

ENCORE MAGAZINE - "A dark comedy often revealing its quirk and brilliance through sardonic humor." -Shea Carver

THE FILM EXPERIENCE"The laughs are steady and smart and nigh on rollicking." 

STAGE BUDDY - "WOMEN WHO KILL manages to be equal parts relationship drama, a droll look at the Park Slope lesbian community, and a nerve-jangling thriller." -Joe Blessing

THE FILM STAGE - "Morbid curiosities make for unusual romantic comedy fodder in Ingrid Jungermann’s perceptive and often very funny WOMEN WHO KILL." -John Fink

CHELSEA NOW - "The real find here, though, is multi-hyphenate Jungermann, who handled writing and directing duties, in addition to delivering a perfectly unassuming, deadpan leading turn. As a debut feature, WOMEN WHO KILL is remarkably assured, effortlessly balancing its competing tones with emotional authenticity, and more than a dash of gallows humor. Simply put, it’s the kind of homegrown gem that Tribeca, at its best, was designed to highlight and bring to the attention of a wider audience." -Sean Egan

AM NY "It’s not every day you get to take in a film that has roots in both thrillers and dark comedies, but director, writer and star Ingrid Jungermann weaves both genres seamlessly, in a way that feels just as authentic as the characters themselves." -Niki Cruz

AM NY - "Ingrid Jungermann’s murderous relationship comedy offers a spin on its family-friendly Park Slope setting, capturing one of the city’s most gentrified neighborhoods with a sinister sheen that expresses the reality that nothing in New York is ever quite what it seems to be." -Robert Levin

PAPER MAGAZINE - "Imagine SERIAL recast as a dark comedy, mixing the fear, paranoia, and sharp humor that can spring up in both relationships and murder mysteries." -Kat Ward

NO FILM SCHOOL - "Ingrid Jungermann’s feature debut smacks of 90’s lo-fi comedies like SPANKING THE MONKEY, but the film is wholly unique." -Liz Nord

THE INTERROBANG - Impressive Debut For Comedy Thriller About a Podcaster Who Talks About Murderers.


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